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Born Again Ministries, through Regeneration House, is a community based residential program in Austin.

Born Again Ministries believes in spiritual regeneration and discipleship.
Born Again Ministries, through Regeneration House, is a Christian non-profit, community based residential program.
The Ministry and its founder Don R. Grant created Regeneration House as a place where our participants are disciple in Christian development, values, morals and principles. 
View an interview with Born Again Ministries Director, Don R. Grant. 1-1/2 minute.

Created to assist Holistically the need of individuals whose lives have become dysfunctional because of sin, drug and alcohol dependency, homelessness, co dependency, and other socially related problems. While with us, each individual develops spiritual inner strength from his or her personal relationship with God. As a result, many individuals have found sobriety and a successful, rewarding lifestyle through Christian Living.

Goals and Purposes
Regeneration House assists individuals.
Our residential facility, assists individuals in the development and re-development of a Christian lifestyle. At the same time, learning to become productive, responsible citizens, full members within our society and family through work therapy, 12 Step meetings and spiritual work. It brings personal satisfaction and self worth by helping one become self sufficient.
Regeneration House serves the entire community.
This also enables the program to be financially self-sustaining and return a person to the community who is a wage earner and taxpayer, which enhances the quality of life for all. Therefore, Born Again Ministries establishes a partnership with the community at no financial cost. This helps make our community safer by breaking the cycles of chemical dependency and crime in the neighborhood.
Regeneration House
Through our ministry, men and women are able to establish support systems to create and sustain a healthy and nurturing lifestyle by becoming productive spiritual individuals.

Our Services
Intake interviews and evaluations 
Job training • Housing • Food • Clothing 
Group External medical services
Work therapy meetings Spiritual growth 
Interpersonal development Employment assistance 
Inter-agency referrals 
Structured social and recreation activities
Economic Development
The Regeneration House is a faith based ministry and is not supported by tax dollars. Instead the Regeneration House is self-supporting through contributions of the residents, donations from the private sector and business sector in our community and fundraising and economic development within the organizational structure.
Family Policies
Regeneration House is a Christian center, residentially operated by biblical principles. Each family member, who resides at Regeneration House, seeks to grow in discipleship and obey God’s will in his or her lives.
Emotional Development
Individual and group counseling programs are provided to help each resident learn how to break old habits behaviors and lifestyles. With these new skills, each resident will attain a new way of living through spiritual development.
The Regeneration House rehabilitation process.
Spiritual & Emotional Structure
Spiritual development is the primary purpose and is built into every aspect of the Regeneration House rehabilitation process. Providing the inner changes spiritually that will enable the individual to pursue a successful life. Fellowship is provided through worship experiences in both the residential facility and with local churches. Christian study groups and discipleship classes will be provided daily with counseling from staff and ministry volunteers from the Church community. Meetings at 12 Step programs will be suggested for their involvement in learning to live life without the use of chemicals.
Vocational & Societal Structure
Our program provides shelter, food, clothing and work therapy. All residents are employed in different areas of industry or receive job training so they may become self-sufficient and learn to provide for themselves. 
A musically talented resident entertains us at one of our evening spiritual meetings.

We are a Not – for – profit 501 C 3 faith based organization founded in the year of 2000. The mission of the organization is to provide pre-released and post – released services such as housing, job training, employment preparation, substance abuse programs as well as supportive services for male adult ex – offenders. We specialize in supporting ex – offenders become successful who are returning to high – poverty, high – crime communities.

REGENERATION HOUSES provide invaluable community services, such as vocational training, drug intervention classes, temporary shelter for displaced ex- offenders and more. In addition to our community service activities, we have regular meetings and activities at our location, so that our members can join together and plan new goals for the future. Learn more about our work.
Learn more about our people and our history.

BORN AGAIN MINISTRIES was founded in Austin as a religious order that supports socially disadvantaged families through programs and faith-based growth. Since then, BORN AGAIN MINISTRIES has expanded the scope of its community services to include drug prevention, community outreach and shelter facilities for displaced families.
Our Community out reach
The needs of our community seem to be growing by the day, and we have recently expanded to meet these needs. Over the years, we have learned that what people sometimes need the most is someone who will listen to their concerns - someone they can turn to for support when the going gets tough. And that's what BORN AGAIN MINISTRIES is all about.
Residential Services
Regeneration House consist of 2 homes located at 5001 and 5004 Allyson Court, Austin Texas, 78744. The homes combined provide 14- beds for adult males who are ex – offenders. This program serves 14 - 30 men annually.
Generosity is alive and vibrant in Austin!
Donations have surged in recent months, and we wish to thank all who have contributed so generously to our cause. Let's keep up the good work! Our supporters sponsor ex- offenders by paying residential fees while they pursue higher education, obtain GED or or College or technical training to help promote self sufficiency.
Contact Information
5001-5004 Allyson Court Austin, Texas 78744
Phone: 512-293-7793
FAX: 800-803-0344
Or use this: Contact Form


  1. It was a home of refuge for me to move on to greatness.

  2. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration.
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  3. Base on your explanation on ministries and believes in spiritual regeneration and discipline, I find it so very important because I was able to learn some aspects of religious beliefs that can be adopted in the sense of learning this kind of services you have put in your blog.

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  4. I stayed at this place for roughly 30 days, and had to get out. There was very little supervision, and drug usage, and sex with a underage girl was going on. Don & his Sidekick Caucasian are thieves and worthless individuals.